Fret Mill Music Co. can Buy, Sell or Trade your instrument.


If you’re looking to sell a stringed instrument, amplifier or effect, we may be interested in purchasing it from you for resale. Please send an e-mail or call us (540-982-6686) with information about the item as well as how much you are wanting to sell it for.


If your not in a hurry to sell your item and would like to get a little more for it, let us sell it for you.  Our consignment program will allow you to get 80%* or more of the final price upon the sale of your item.   Please e-mail or call us (540-982-6686) with information about the item that you would like us to consider for consignment.


Bring us your stringed instrument, amplifier or effects pedal and trade it towards something in our current stock.  Get a percentage of the current resale value of your item right away and apply it to a new or used item in our store (can not be applied to consignments).

*other selling and processing fees may apply