Fender Twin Reverb (1964)

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    This 1964 Fender Twin Reverb was meticulously restored from the chassis up in 2012 by tube amp expert Jerry Fleming of Roanoke Virginia. He posted about the following about the restoration at in November of 2012 along with photos.
    “I recently totally restored a friend’s 1964 Fender Twin Reverb (AB763) chassis. The circuitry had been butchered and all of the pots were bent or bad. The tube sockets were in very poor shape with a couple broken. Almost every resistor and capacitor I checked was way out of tolerance. I made the decision the most effective thing to do was replace everything but the chassis, magnetics and the tone capacitors (after testing). I removed all of the components from the chassis and cleaned it with steel wool and hand cleaner. I was very careful not to remove the AP1564 date stamped on the chassis. The serial number is A 0033X. I do not claim to be a vintage expert but this is one of the nicest amps and circuit designs I have had the pleasure to work on. The AB763 is widely used and one of my favorite circuits. 
    I used JJ/Tesla tubes for the power amp, PI, reverb driver & preamps. Sprague Atoms for the electrolytic capacitors. I was very surprised at how quiet the amp was and the tone into a D130F JBL. I spent about 4 hours playing through this amp. All I can say is the tone and reverb is to die for! My friend (also a steel player) was very pleased with his new amp.”
    Jerry also replaced the cabinet as the original had been wrecked beyond repair.
    Includes slip cover.

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