Greer “Space Ace”

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    From the builder of the Space Ace:

    “The SPACE ACE!
    This guitar’s electronics feature custom one humbucker, one volume wiring. There is a dummy (hollow) pickup in the neck position which is illuminated by leds installed underneath it. The leds are controlled by the Rhythm / Treble switch.
    Please feel welcome to try out the smoking feature, and please remember to turn both the light and smoke machine off when done.
    Please note that the smoke machine should be ran no more than around 30 seconds. The smoke machine can be refilled by carefully unscrewing the tip of the vaporizer that plugs into the latex tubing, and pouring standard fog fluid into the fluid well with a medicine dropper. The batteries for the led light can be replaced by removing the control cavity cover.  The fog machine is powered by a rechargeable cell phone battery backup that attaches to the back of the body with velcro.”
    Case is not included, on consignment.

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