Powerwerks PW4P Portable 50-Watt Personal Monitor

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    The Powerwerks® PW4P is a portable 50-watt personal monitor. Perfect for singers and drummers, it can be mounted on a microphone stand or used as a floor wedge. It may have a 4 ½” speaker with horn but its compact nature belies the sound you get from it.

    It can be used in a multitude of applications from playing out at the local coffeehouse or used as your own personal monitor at a raucous rock gig. Its sound can cut through so you can hear you. Powerwerks® PW4P has both line and mic level inputs so you can either connect to the mixing board or direct into the monitor feed. With so many options, the PW4P is primed to become your next personal monitor unit.

    Equipped with Eminence® Speaker
    Compact with BIG Sound!
    Mic Stand Mountable or Use as a Floor Wedge

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