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    From Recording King:

    More and more players of all kinds and all ages are feeling the pull to traditional old time or clawhammer banjo music. The stripped-down style highlights the close interplay between the banjo and voice.

    The RK Madison OT26 is the perfect companion for old-time musicians, as the Whyte Laydie tone ring gives the banjo traditional tone with a percussive lilt that’s the perfect accompaniment to the classic singing style.

    With a hand-rubbed satin finish, a maple neck with adjustable truss rod, and a true steam-bent maple rim, the Madison RK-OT26 is a vintage-style picking machine.

    The traditional scalloped Whyte Laydie tone ring is prized for its warm but punchy tone, allowing each fundamental note to speak clearly without distracting overtones.

    Add features like our maple neck, no-knot tailpiece, and precise tension control from the 24-bracket tension hoop, and players have all the essentials for the classic old-time sound.

    We outfitted the OT26 with lots of traditional features, but made some changes where modern performance counts: the dual coordinator rods & truss rod, Remo FiberSkyn head, and Mastertone-style armrest all combine for an exceptional playing experience.

    Finish it off with our scooped fretboard for strumming and a steam-bent maple rim for woody, traditional open-back tone, and you have a pro-level banjo you can take anywhere.

    Case is not included.

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