String Swing CC01V Wall Mount Violin/Bow Hanger

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A heirloom quality violin wall mount designed specifically for your violin. Whether your violin is a Stradivarius, Mendini, Cecilo or a Stentor you can trust that it is hanging safely with a handmade String Swing violin holder. Also holds your violin bow! Violins rest on a padded yoke by the heel of the scroll not the tuners! Yoke is attached to a plate made of real, North American hardwood. This beautiful and unique wood grain violin hanger is one of a kind. No two wood blocks are identical, with four species of wood to choose from (Cherry, Oak, Ash and Black Walnut). Natural color may vary. Displays ¾, 4×4 violins and violas from 13”-17”.

  • Made in the USA with a structural lifetime warranty
  • Mounting Hardware Included

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