Orange FS1 Footswitch

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    Orange Quality, Universal Simplicity
    Our heavy duty footswitches are perfect for all of your Orange switching needs! The standard latching design and TS (mono) jack connection also make these suitable for many other pieces of equipment (always check manufacturer’s specifications).

    Compatible with all Footswitchable Functions
    Channel Switching: All Orange twin channel valve amplifiers, Crush 20, Crush 20RT, Crush 35RT & Crush Pro amps.
    Reverb Engage/Defeat: Rockerverb, Thunderverb and Crush Pro amps.
    Attenuator Engage/Defeat: Rockerverb and Dual Dark series.
    Master Volume Lift: OR50
    EQ Lift: Custom Shop 50 –  Note: the LED will not illuminate as the Custom Shop uses passive switching circuitry
    Global Boost/Gain Boost: OR100
    Blend Engage/defeat: OB1 Series
    Compression engage/defeat: 4 Stroke series
    And much more!

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